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We are offering world's most affordable publishing services with proper guidance in marketing, editing and publishing book worldwide with full satisfaction rate. Based in India, Conscience Works Publication understands the writers' needs so that they don't have to suffer throughout the process. A well experienced team of professionals is devoted to help authors reach to the audience worldwide. The process is so well structured and easy that saves a lot of our time. They focus on literary fiction, non-fiction & poetry. Whether you craft shorts stories, poems, novels, chapbooks, memoirs or essay collection, they'll surely read it. They believe their relationships with their authors is much like partnerships.

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Get Registered.

Click on the GET PUBLISHED button & Contact us. Select the best suitable package & proceed with the registration at only Half advance remaing payment can be done in between or after the launch of the book.

Content Submissions.

After registration you can submit your content whenever its ready as their is no time limit with our packages. after submission of the content we then immediately start workin on your book by applying ISBN & providing individual editor to your book who will complete Proofreading, Rectifing Grammatical Mistakes, Editing, Designing & Formatting Acording To Printing Specifications

Manuscript Verification.

After content submission within 1 week your assigned editor will contact you with the completed script you can then check & get done any of the changes & updation with the assigned editor. After your final approval & satisfactaion we will then send it for printing.

Choosing Cover Designs.

You will get specialised professionals wo will make a great looking cover all according to your specifications, requirements & imaginations, you can also request for multiple cover designs to choose from. So after finaliszing the cover with your approval then only we will send it for printing.

Print & Publication.

After completing all the above steps within 5 business days your book will be printed & will be plublished on all the mention platforms in the selected package. & Within 1 week of the pablication all the benificiaries including Author Copies, Certificate & Medal/Award will be Dispatched.


Royalty ₹ Transfers.

We provide 100% profit royality to the author, we theirfore doesn't take any cut or charges from the Royality. We Will Provide you monthly order report of all the orders from all the platforms including order id & buyer name for the transperency & based upon that your Royality will be transferd directly into your bank account.

Royality is calculated by =

Selling Price - Printing Cost & Amazon/Flipkart Fees (15-18%)

All Language's & Every Piece Of Art Can Be Published.

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