CONSCIENCE WORKS PUBLICATION is offering world's most affordable publishing services with proper guidance in marketing, editing and publishing book worldwide with full satisfaction rate.

Based in India, Conscience Works Publication understands the writers' needs so that they don't have to suffer throughout the process.

A well experienced team of professionals is devoted to help authors reach to the audience worldwide.

The process is so well structured and easy that saves a lot of our time.

They focus on literary fiction, non-fiction & poetry. Whether you craft shorts stories, poems, novels, chapbooks, memoirs or essay collection, they'll surely read it.

They believe their relationships with their authors is much like partnerships.


Conscience Works Publication is India's 3rd Biggest Book Publication House, Helping Passionate Budding Writers & Poets To Get Published.

The Founders Mr. Dheeraj Sankhla (entrepreneur) and Lakshita Soni (writer) came up with this initiative to uplift the writing sector all over the world.

We operate under the special purpose of promoting high-quality poetry, literary fiction, and nonfiction to truly bring value to the literary world.

Being a writer and a part of different anthologies, operating a few anthologies, we understand the queries new writers deal with.

Our team will concentrate on publishing the work of excellent contemporary writers who are aiming to serve & change the world with their thoughts.


Missions and Aims:

-benefit everyone with the most affordable publishing services in India.

-to promote raw talent and make it bestseller

-make the process of publishing hustle free with more value

-give writers the opportunity to reach online and offline stores worldwide

-aspiring writers and poets can publish without any worry of rejection by publications

-provide 100% satisfaction to each and every writer

- to offer a platform of excellent & affordable publishing services.

- to get our authors better opportunities to reach their dream.

- to be a dedicated printing hub, paper hub, and creative hub.


Our Vision:

-to give writers the power to create and share ideas without any barriers and present them to the world.

What's the benefits to the Authors?

-pay less, get more

-sell and earn 5x more than other traditional publications

-100% royalty of your book

-marketing & distribution of the books on 5+ greatest platforms

-have full ownership with copyright

-ISBN allocations

-you decide how much your book is going to cost

-be part of their 100k+ community members

- get the best support to make your book huge success from any other publisher

- highest ROI for authors in india


Why choose Conscience Works Publication?

-because they're most affordable

-hustle free

-more valu in less money

-benefits that you can't let go

- most sold books in india

- best ranked & most recommended publisher





“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you."

And that's why Conscience Works Publication is here to tell and sell it to the world.


Structure and statistics:

12k+ books published

100k+ community members

10k+ authors

7+ years of experience

100+ team members

6 Office locations all over India



Additional services & opportunities for writers and poets
In addition to publishing books Conscience Works Publication also publishes anthologies and magazines that consists of 500 writers and poets from India and above 100 international writers.

This publication has also benefited numbers of people by offering work from and earn money through your mobile and laptop. They've made it so easy that anyone can earn money by compiling Anthologies very quickly and effortlessly.

Well, there's no need to explain more on why Conscience Works Publication is the most recommended publisher in India.

So, the wait is over buddies.!
There's no need to fear coz Conscience Publishers are here to serve you with amazing benefits and most affordable packages in the world.

Their services have been a life changing gift for numbers of writers and poets. Undoubtedly, you can be the next one.!

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Dheeraj Sankhla & Lakshita Soni

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