Publishing a book is very easy any one can do it if you know exactly how

And in this we will help you.

 This course is very revolutionary as its giving the entire power to the writers to get published

This course will provide you unbelievable Oppertunities

You will learn everything about book publishing

From basics to advance all have been covered in this course

At the end if the course you will be able to publish your own book and tgat too for absolutely free



We at conscience works always keep aspiring writers ahead we believe in pushing art at its peak we believe in providing platform to writers to help them grow

We are building platform so that writers can get together & work collaboratively

We want that everyone from this family can publish its own book without any hustle & struggle



We are fascinated of being around with the great talents

We are fascinated to help you and build your career

We are fascinated to provide global opportunities

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This course is all about learning how to publish your own book for absolutely free

This course is to reduce hustle bustle of a writer to get its work published

This course is to save your money & time

With this course you can publish your own book for free at the easiest way

You will be learning every aspect of book publishing

You will be opening gates of opportunities for yourself

Tgis course will help you to build your career

Get all answers regarding career in writing



1. Book planing & formatting

2. Applying ISBN

3. Amazon publishing ( hard cover )

4. Kindle publishing ( ebook )

5. Google play books

6. book printing & hardcover

7. Marketing & promotions



• 13 videos : 5-7 hrs in total

• Deep understanding of each & every process of book publishing

• Duration 1 month

• New video every 3rd day

• Official whatsapp group & persnol support

• Doubt solving 1 on 1 sessions


Learn to publish your book in 3 platforms

• Go Global Go International

1. Amazon publishing

2. Kindle Direct Publishing

3. Google play books


• we will add you to the whatsapp group with fellow writers

• you will know all oppertunities & can make a career in this field

• you will be provided oppertunities from our side

• doubt solving sessions on whatsapp

• 1on1 call session for mentorship & right guidence from the founder of CONSCIENCE WORKS

• we will personally assist you to publish your own book