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Education An Eternal Asset

Education An Eternal Asset

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Dear Readers,

To educate the complete child, teaching and learning must encompass all aspects of student development. How do experts from many disciplines collaborate and combine their skills and abilities to meet the developmental requirements of students? What attitudes and ideas are required to effectively collaborate in order to build healthy educational settings for children? Who has responsibility for the collaborative process, and who intervenes when it fails? There is room for everyone to excel intellectually if they are given the correct education from the beginning. "The function of education is to teach one to think deeply and critically." True education aims to develop intelligence as well as character. The importance of cooperation and coordination in problem resolution and transformation in classrooms, schools, and school-community systems is emphasised.


What exactly is 'Education'? What is its principal function, and what is it not? Which techniques support it, and at what cognitive levels? So many fundamental issues that many of our "trained teachers," among others, raise. And there are few forums where they may debate the few replies they have found so far. As a result, there was a perceived need for a book of this type, containing basic principles and introductions to many pertinent theories.


I hope that the book will be a useful resource for student-teachers, teachers, teacher-educators, and all stakeholders in our country's educational institutions.

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